Back In The UK

Originally posted on my old WordPress blog on 28th May 2012.

It’s been over a month already since graduation and the 2nd yr is complete! WoW! It took a while to set in but it’s a great sense of accomplishment – I can’t believe I actually made it through!

I must say it’s been an interesting year that’s for sure!

I’ve been involved in extraordinary things; visiting the jungles of northern Thailand, spending Christmas in a refugee camp on the Burmese border, ministering in slum areas and giving aid to row-boat commuters in the aftermath of the Bangkok floods.

But honestly, it’s also been a very challenging year emotionally and socially; there’s been many a day of frustration, confusion, heart motives tested to the core! Praise God I survived!

So it’s summer 2012, I’m in the UK now and I’ve got to make the most of it! There’s not much time.

My relationship with my pastors has changed and moved from a pastor-church member type relationship to a more personal and intimate friendship which means a lot. I really want to help and support them this summer.

The options are still wide open; I will be teaching church growth and leadership at various Victory Churches in the UK and Spain, we’re currently reviewing the way we do things here in Leeds, the Sunday morning program, the youth program to name just a few.

My family are in a flux and I hope I can make a difference there too. I will have to overcome much negativity, with God’s help I can soar high and above and accomplish what he wants me to do whilst I’m here.

Oh, and I almost forgot – one more thing – I need to get a job ASAP and raise about £4,000!!! I feel like David when he wrote Psalm 121:

I lift up my eyes to the hills” man! that’s a lot of money! How am I ever going to get that? By loiteirng around the ATM machines late at night?!

Then I remember to read the next verse: “My help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth.” God you are my source!

So this is my mission:

a) To help grow Victory Church Leeds into a strong and growing church.

b) To build a team of sponsors who will support me long-term.

With God’s help – yes Lord!

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