Thank You To Everyone Who Made The Family Outreach Day A HUGE Success

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Last Sunday Victory Church Sriracha hit the community of Cow Daign Orn and it was a huge success!

It was so much fun because everyone got stuck in and helped and it was amazing because one hundred and fifty plus people connected with us for the very first time.

We’re talking about whole families, young couples, working professionals, teens and kids (all predominantly from Buddhist backgrounds) who came and saw the church of Jesus in action, bang smack in the middle of this huge housing complex.

If you haven’t seen it yet – definitely check out the  Facebook live video I took at the event and meet some of the people who took part and helped out:

This would not have been possible without these people

churches in srirachaLast week I preached that one of the most dangerous thoughts we can think is:

“Oh, someone else can do it.”

These people responded to my appeal for a bouncy castle and stepped out with amazing generosity.

Not only did we raise enough money to hire a bouncy castle, we also helped towards the feeding program.

Here are the amazing people who put their hands in their pockets and gave direct financial support to make this event happen:

Jeffrey Pearson

Lynn Thompson

Karen Barham

Birdie Letendre

Hilary Hopper

Kate MacLean

Richie Grant

Tina Gaylor (my amazing mamma!)

Shirley Rook (my auntie Shirley)

Love Layla Designs (aka: my cousin Stacey)

Vali Popescu

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you for the money, the support and most of all, for your heart in helping us reach this community for Christ.

Some of my favourite pics from the day


welcome to victory church sriracha


children victory church sriracha

คริสตจักร ศรีราชา

best church in sriracha

church sriracha


sriracha family outreach day

Victory Church Sriracha


Victory Churches International feeding program

sunday school victory church sriracha

My favourite part of all?

Everyone from the church got stuck in; the youth led the gaming stations, the old ladies spent hours making and serving noodles, the young people practiced music and performed dances and songs, the guys helped me with the 4 round trips carrying the tables and chairs back and forth.

You’ve heard the saying “Teamwork makes the dream work.” I know this to be true now more than ever before.

This is where our work begins!

church follow up and visitationsFor us, the outreach event is just the beginning, now it’s time to follow up every person who came and filled out a Connect Card.

Just this last week, Ben called dozens of people and arranged a home visits.

Ben and Mary-Anne visited 5 homes on Wednesday and 3 homes on Thursday.

We’re connecting with new families, building relationships, praying for their needs and sharing the Word of God with them in their living rooms.

And we’re set to continue next week until we’ve met with every single person who joined us. We’re believing for new Connect groups to spring up in this housing estate. Please continue to pray for us – the harvest is ripe but the workers are few!

Thank you to everyone once again who made this one of our best outreaches ever. We’re working hard to establish the kingdom of God through Victory Churches of Thailand. Whatever we do always comes back to our God-given vision: Reach, teach, mobilise.

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Bless you all! 🙂


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