Our Destiny Is This: To Reach The Unreached, To Give Hope To The Hopeless, To Love The Unloved

Today I found myself in the secret place.

Every now and then, when I’m homesick, I’ll sneak down the narrow ginnel, walk along a dirt path through some trees, and I’m there!

Seemingly miles from anywhere, the way opens up to picturesque forest and undulating fields of gold.

20130809_202452The setting sun is glorious. The sky is showing off, proudly displaying generous bursts of majestic purples and regal blues, citrus yellows, rich oranges and oozing, luscious reds.

Birds’ silhouettes animate this grand stage as they soar overhead, doing what they were created for and loving every second of it.

When I’m in the secret place, there’s me and God and no one else. I can be anyone I want to be, I can be me.

The presence of my Father is where I belong; it’s safe and I’m accepted, it’s home. I’m standing in the harvest fields of promise and potential and I’m expectant.

I see fresh green shoots sprouting from the freshly ploughed earth. A little further up the hill are mature, tall grains of wheat. I lift my eyes and see on the brow of a distant, sloping hill, a row of ancient oaks standing strong against the colourful backdrop.

God starts to speak.

This is the journey of our lives; in partnership with us He can take that which is seemingly insignificant, mediocre, and even shameful and do what only He can do; He moulds, makes and fashions our lives, transforming us into something outstanding, something spectacular.

How great our God is!

Feeling God near, I lift my arms in absolute surrender. My strength is in Him. I love our ever-present Creator, I worship the great God of heaven who is everywhere.

God, He fills me with life, defines me and drives me, He makes me want to be brave, to take risks and do outrageous things – Oh that I could touch the world like He touched my life!

The Lord God Almighty, the Hope of the nations; He’s the Glorious One, the fulfilment of every desperate and searching heart. He’s the rushing energy flow of living water that quenches and transforms even the most far-off and parched places.

There’s no one around and, with my earphones blasting out “Don’t you worry child, heaven’s got a plan for you!”, I start moving right there on the spot, losing myself in every promise of the Reliable One.

I just go for it, dancing freely and unashamedly in the open fields to an audience of One. I was born to worship!

A heart-song of gratitude springs out of my mouth and reaches heaven itself.  I am loved by God and a lover of God, therefore I am complete.

Then, as I danced, I became aware of the thick woods just behind me…

Sometimes, I would stop to look over my shoulder, and become distracted momentarily.

I struggle as worry fills my mind: who might be watching from the thicket? What would they say about me? What if I try and fail? What if I’m just not good enough?

I quickly realised that the woods could only taunt me if I gave them the power of my attention. The mocking voices of the past quickly faded once I again fixed my eyes on the God of the impossible. Nothing is too hard for Him. He takes that which is ordinary and does the extraordinary.

Will you believe the God you believe in?

When our level of desperation exceeds our level of fear of embarrassment, God will breakthrough.

Whatever it takes to get the Gospel out; we must cross cultures and national boundaries so that people will know that Jesus is God and He rose from the dead.

What an amazing adventure He has in store for those who will break out of mediocrity, answer the call and take up the challenge.

All that unseen potential inside of you, just bursting to get out!

All you have to do is take our Daddy God at His word, by the hand and walk with Him. You were made for this, it suits you perfectly. God makes you look good.


Strong God of the angel armies, be our High Commander and march us to Your beat. Send us out. Lead us bravely into the future.

Break off any limits and empower us to dream big again. In spite of our fears, You are with us. You are our hope.

Our destiny is this:

To reach the unreached, to give hope to the hopeless, to love the unloved.

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